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If you have someone to love

Be happy.
Treasure every inch of their skin.  
Count every freckle, and notice every detail.
Remember every tone of their voice.
The tired voice in the morning.
The happy voice when they see you.
The angry voice when they can’t take much more.
The satisfied voice after a hot and heavy round.
They’re all amazing parts of that person.
Remember the shape of their eyes in case you don’t get to see them for awhile.
What their lips feel like loosely laid upon your forehead
or tightly on your lips.
Remember how your hands feel intertwined, or how you hug each other.
Remember their scent.
The smell that is them and them alone.
The one a perfume or cologne company can come close to matching but it isn’t quite theirs.
Reflect on memories.
Memories that caused you to laugh until you thought you’d puke.
Moments where a smile snuck out and they asked you “what’s that for?”
The memories of firsts.
First handholds, hugs, kisses, tickles, playfights.
Memories that you believe no one else in the world has but you two.
Memories that may not make the next box office romcom
But it sure as hell was perfect to you.

Don’t dwell on the things you don’t have.
Don’t dwell that you can’t see them for a while.
Don’t dwell on the fact you’re apart when you’re at school
Or home from school for that matter.
Don’t dwell on the fact that their not there to cuddle you tonight.
Be glad you’re missed.
Be glad someone remembers to text you in the morning.
Be glad they’re thinking of you too.

Because there are some of us who don’t have that.
Sure, we  have all these memories as bits and pieces of pain that make long nights longer.
That make us question “what ifs” or “what did or didn’t I do”.

Some of us have nothing but memories.
Some of us have someone missing.
Some of may never get that someone.
Some of us may had that someone slip away
and that fucking hurts more than missing someone you love.