Here is summer

I just finished unpacking boxes and sorting through stuff to be donated and stuff to be stored until September.  I am home from school for the summer, and by home for the summer I mean two months before I pack my duffle bag and head to camp.  This summer is different then summers at home in the past.

Last year at this time I didn’t have a job yet. This year I’m commuting to camp to work full time and get things ready for the year.  It’s really draining, I’m not going to lie and I have so much respect for those who work full time without any breaks.  It’s crazy, I love my job and everything but at the same time I drive close to 40 minutes there and back every day.  I like seeing everyone though, it’s like being with another family.

Last year at this time my best friend (more like my sister to be honest) was in her last days of pregnancy.  Little did I know how much a little girl would change my life.  Another hard part of having this job is getting to see my Evie as often as I’d like to.  She’s amazing, how much she’s grown and become such an amazing individual is aspiring.  Everleigh’s growth has been great too, I witnessed her go from being around 5 lbs to nearly 3x that and she’s growing more and more each day.  Just like my love for her is.

At this time last year I was prepping to take a position as 3rd year rep in ac lub at school.  Now I’m prepping for taking over a president position and a representative on the student association.  My plate is getting full but the busier I am the better off I am.  My average this semester proves it.  79.4% …only .6 off of 80 but the highest average I’ve had in university.  School is great to get away from.  The 24 weeks that I’m there is stressful but it’s an experience I only get one more year of.  I’ll miss the chaos so I’m going to do my best to soak it all up.

With that, I’m excited to keep y’all updated about how busy life is.  I hope everyone is doing great 🙂


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