So y’all are here for tattoos!

Recently, I was looking at what people searched to get to my blog, and it seems a lot of you have come here looking for tattoos (Whether it’s the one I have or a “there ain’t no rest for the wicked”) one.  For those of you looking for latter, I’m sorry to disappoint you but I do not have a tattoo that says this!  For those of you looking for  a city and colour tattoo, a you must follow your heart tattoo, or tattoos in general please see below:

Ta -da ! Isn’t it beautiful?!  I’ve had people on tumblr asking me how I feel to have a tattoo that a lot of City and Colour fans have.  Y’know what? It feels amazing, because the reason I have the tattoo is because it is words I believe in and the bird just represents freedom, and of course my love for the band.

When people see it I seem to get the same questions over and over again so let me make a little tattoo FAQ for you:

Did it hurt?

Almost always this is the first question people ask me and to be blunt yes, it did hahaha.  There are no words to describe the feeling when a needle first touches your skin.  I felt my foot tense up and I bit my lip and was near tears.  The outline hurts ten times more than the colouring does though!  The colouring uses three needles VS one and therefore allows for the pressure to be more disperse.  This is also the touched up version of my tattoo and I can tell you getting a tattoo touched up doesn’t seem as painful as the first time.  I put off getting it touched up for six months to try and get the pain of getting it out of my mind.  But it honestly wasn’t that bad.

People also ask this because my tattoo is on my foot and in the words of my tattoo artist “Even I don’t have my foot tattoo so I can’t imagine how much that hurts”.   A tattoo on your foot is going to hurt more than a tattoo on your back because there are more bones and less skin.  My foot started swelling part way through the process which made the pain even worse, but it was never to a point I had to ask him to stop.  If you’re getting a tattoo and it gets to that point, don’t be scared to!

How did your parents react?

 Way better than I ever expected them to react.  Keep in mind, I was 19 (nearly 20) when I got it done so what my parents said didn’t really matter.  Please don’t take this as me “disrespecting” my parents but at the end of the day it is my body and it is my choice.  My mom was okay with the idea when I originally showed it to her and asked her to do the writing.  My dad still cracks jokes about it, to be honest I’m not sure how he feels about it I think he’s indifferent but if you knew my dad that wouldn’t be a shock.

What about when you get older/have to find a real job?
What about it? Hahaha, the tattoo is on my foot so it’s easy to hide so finding employment won’t be an issue.  This tattoo has a lot of meaning to me, it’s not like I just went willy nilly to get a tattoo and picked something out of a huge book of selection. It is always going to be amazing to have my mom’s writing on me AND to have her with me when the time comes that I don’t have her anymore.  I feel like people ask me these questions to guilt me about my decision and it never changes my mind about it.

Do you have anymore tattoos?
Unfortunately I currently only have this one.  But I have plans to get more including a star (my camp name), lyrics to a song by Jack’s Mannequin, a mental health awareness ribbon, and a treble clef combined with a bass clef as one.

I want to get a tattoo but I don’t know what I want/where to put it.
Okay, not a question but I get this a lot when people see my tattoo.  Take my advice and wait until you’re 100% positive of what you want, and where you want it.  It’s something you have to look at the rest of your life therefore it is a permanent decision.  It’s also a lot of money to get a tattoo done, so it’s best to save up for something you really, really want instead of something you sorta, kinda, you’re not really sure want.

Of course, from what you can see I’m in no means a tattoo expert; but at the same time I don’t mind answering questions about tattoos!  If you’re getting a tattoo the best advice I can give you is to remember the following:

a) make sure it’s something you really want
b) make sure you take proper care of it during the healing process
and finally
c) don’t let others tell you where to put it.


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