My student life.

I drown in homework on a weekly basis.  Whether it’s reading or assignments, or group work, I’m doing it.  I sit at my computer scaring at blank word documents hoping something comes to me and it rarely ever does.  I open a textbook to find the answers that a peer reviewed source is suppose to give me because hours of research has done nothing for me.   You’re right, I only have classes 3 days a week and by Wednesday I’m ready to collapse into my bed and do nothing but sleep.

But here’s the catch: I love to be involved.  I love to see people’s faces get excited when I played a part in ensuring a guest speaker has come and when we provide pizza for students saying “hey it’s rough this time of year!”.  I love spending my time with my peers planning events, socials, and other ways to keep people connected.  I get told I’m building my resume, and sure I have volunteer experience like you wouldn’t believe but honestly, do you think that’s why I do it?  Do you think the reason I’m doing something is for my CV to look nice and pretty?

I’m sick of people doing things to only benefit themselves.  Congratulations, you sign up for things you can’t commit to.  Congratulations, you got a position you’re going to put on your resume but never put 100% effort into.  I’m running an election where multiple students told me they were interested but not a single one has submitted to me the maximum 250 words stating why they should be elected.  I’m left with a decision of extending the time period or keeping my position.  I’m going through a lot of work to make sure I’ve secured blog space and time to count ballots from every single person in our program.  I’ll be doing this alone – I won’t have help from another person because I’ve done this whole position on my own.

It’s frustrating to see the empathy and excuses people have.  “Oh I’m tired.” “I can’t I have class tomorrow”.  We’re all in the same boat so instead of making excuses why don’t we do things together? I have a feeling these next few weeks are going to be exhausting for me, but I don’t have much of a choice.


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