There’s a lot I don’t understand about this town

I don’t understand how so many young girls are having babies.  I’m 20 and the thought of having a young life to care for is terrifying. Even if I had a boyfriend who was loving and supporting I don’t think I could do it.  Yet there are 15/16/17 year old girls in this town who are pregnant.  I wonder if they understand the seriousness of the situation they are in.  The next nine months of their life may be tough but after that comes child birth, a baby, and 18 plus years of having the child live under your roof.  Do you plan on finishing high school? How about getting a full time job so you can support the baby? You’re not even old enough to buy a lottery ticket and you’re going to be standing in line at the grocery store purchasing baby food.   Of course there are exceptions to the people who obviously unprepared but these people are few and far between.



One thought on “There’s a lot I don’t understand about this town

  1. I’m telling you, it’s something in the water there. O-Dot has always been that way but can you really blame them? It’s the small town curse. Unless you get out while the going is good (as you and I did), you’re almost stuck there. Roots deep in to the toxic soil. And there is not much for kids (which I use loosely…pre-teens maybe?) to be doing “after hours”. Nothing legal anyways. Which probably helps the teen mom statistic -_-

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