“I just need a bit more time”

I find myself saying these words all the time with reasons why I never have tasks finished.  I actually have never handed an assignment in late (high school and university) but when it comes to gathering information up and prepping it, I’m slow.  I hate the thoughts of the pile that keeps growing of work to be done and the amount of trees I’m bound to kill in the month of February with assignments.

This semester is strange for me.  While I do have the advantage of having three days of classes it is exhausting to me.  I don’t know if I’d ever do it again.  I’m a girl who is not a morning person yet I’m up before 9 on all three of those days.  I’ve added a job into the mix and debated applying for a second but honestly, I can safely say it’d just be too much.  I need the money.  I know I’m wasting money on stupid “pointless” things but at the same time I can’t just live a depressing life as a student where I’m sitting in my room or running around campus.  I did that for two years.  It’s time I start doing somethings for me.

But no matter what happens, there’s never enough time in a day.  I haven’t seen my niece since before Christmas (or my best friend for that matter).  I go home on weekends because something seems to come up and I’m missing opportunities to keep good friendships going.  I want 20 minutes a day to go to the gym but during the hour long breaks I have I’ve been napping so I can be on my A game all the time.  I’ve been using my breaks to make sure I eat lunch, or to make sure I eat breakfast because honestly I realize how much more important it is for me to eat than it is for me to hit up a treadmill.

Winter semester always seems to go so fast.  I’m already starting week 4 this week, with my first midterm coming up on Wednesday after a Tuesday night concert with my good friend.  I just need to make a calendar and put dates on it so I don’t forget anything.  I’m a stickler for every grade I can possibly get.   I decided I was going to give myself a break this weekend and visit my one friend in a nearby city, but as it turns out our Saturday is being filled with previous commitments (homework for me and a club meeting for her).  It’s not a bad thing and I’m not complaining about it (because it needs to get done), but I’m dying to just have a weekend to breathe.

In the words of Dory from Finding Nemo, I’ll just keep swimming and in the words of Jack’s Mannequin I’ll just keep my head above.



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