‘Tis the Season

This morning I woke up to an extra large tea sitting on my counter with a couple of Christmas cards underneath.  Curious, I pulled them out and read the messages “thank you for your kindness” and “we appreciate what you do for our mother”.  With these messages were two cards to a coffee shop addressed to my dad who volunteers any day that he is needed.

His job is to pick up seniors who suffer from dementia and take them to a day program where they get to participate in a variety of activities.  My dad says it’s a real eye opener to see how a simple thing such as a day out can bring a smile to these people’s faces.  They always tell him about the fun they have and my dad doesn’t mind listening to the gossip they have about their day too.  He’s received much praise for what he does, but as his daughter I can tell you his big heart doesn’t stop there.  He does everything he can for anyone he knows, just because he’s a good person. I think everyone should take a lesson from him and get out there and help someone in anyway that you can.   And for those of us who have someone as great as my dad in their life thank them.  After all, ’tis the season.


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