I’m just so damn tired

I have been home since Tuesday and I just haven’t been sleeping right.  Hell, I’m writing this at 4:21 in the morning because I am sick of laying and staring at the ceiling.  It’d probably help for me to get out and go for a walk or work out or something but I have little motivation to even do that.  You just get into a slump when you’re tired y’know?  When you just feel like laying in bed all day but know that it’ll do nothing but make things worse.  I’m excited that I have curling tomorrow night but I can’t really say that I’m excited to drive myself there.  I don’t like driving in the city at all.  I’m actually really bad at it.

Other than that, exams are done.  So you would expect my exhausted body to just give into sleep but it hasn’t yet (which would explain why I’ve gone through 5 seasons of the Office).  I’ve learned to never settle for less than a Pam and Jim relationship.  I am just obsessed with how great of a couple they are and how they’re friendship is always first.

I guess I should just close my eyes and hopefully fall asleep soon.  It doesn’t help I have an extremely wasted brother and his friend in my basement who keep getting louder and louder with each passing hour.  I get it’s a Saturday and you guys work hard during the week but please quiet down.

So let’s hope this tiredness pases.  I want my next post to come from a better mood. xo


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