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Reasons I love my e-reader

As an avid bookworm it probably doesn’t come to a shock to a lot of my friends that my room is filled with piles upon piles of books.  I have books on my dresser, on shelves, in cardboard boxes under my dressers, in stacks by my bed, and in my closet.  I wish I lived in a big enough room that could accommodate a gorgeous and tall bookshelf with a comfortable reading chair fairly close by.  Sadly, my room barely has enough room for the bed and and nightstand I have in it.

This summer I made the decision that with my first pay cheque from my job I was going to buy something I really needed.  I decided on an e-reader despite my love for paper books.  It honestly just got to a point where I had two decisions: to stop buying books or to start buying them electronically.  The first was never an option to me really, and so I went on a hunt to figure out which model, and brand I’d like best.   After a journey to Chapters (a bookstore …clearly) with my A1 I came to determine I wanted the Kobo Wifi Reader. Which looks a little something like this: 

Here are the main reasons I love this little guy:
1.  It is so light and portable! Instead of having to decide one book with me to take on a trip I can take multiple books.

2.  IT’S NOT A TOUCH SCREEN.  Okay, I know a lot of people probably disagree with me on this one but it’s really hard to misflip on this bad boy.  I am able to control which page I’m going to and what speed.

3. I’ve stopped ruining the endings of books for myself.  I am notorious for flipping to the last page of books but with my Kobo I can not be bothered to figure out how to.

4.  I read faster on my kobo than I do with paper back.  I know a lot of people say this isn’t possible but I truly feel I’m able to finish a book quicker, and understand it just the same.

5. I don’t have to worry about a bookstore being closed when I want to the read the next in the series.  I turn on the wifi, I go to the store, do a quick search and WHAM within minutes I have my tale!  Also, the book sizes are REALLY small so for even something as slow as my home wifi (which believe me I could run faster than it somedays)  I really don’t have to wait.

6. I love the fact the books tend to be MUCH cheaper on an e-reader with over 36, 000 free books you’re also bound to run into something you’ll enjoy without having to pay a cent.

So what I’m basically saying is, despite all the hate e-readers get I really do love them.  I don’t understand why people are so concerned with them “ruining bookstores” and such, I am still guilty of heading into stores and buying books and other odds and ends.  Plus, with Kobo being linked to Chapters I can’t help but feel good buying from them.  If you are unfortunate enough to have a mishap with your e-reader Kobo is GREAT for customer service!  While Future Shop refused to touch my e-reader claiming I pressure cracked my screen, Kobo agreed to look at it (under warranty) and if they could see it was not my fault they would fix it free of charge.  Within 10 days I had a refurbished e-reader sitting on my doorstep AND because Kobo backs up your library, I was able to get all my purchases back (even though I had a new computer by this time too).   Do not feel like you are the “death to paperback” if you decide it’s something you want.  Remember, you can always buy another copy of the book later on in life to pass onto the next generation.



‘Tis the Season

This morning I woke up to an extra large tea sitting on my counter with a couple of Christmas cards underneath.  Curious, I pulled them out and read the messages “thank you for your kindness” and “we appreciate what you do for our mother”.  With these messages were two cards to a coffee shop addressed to my dad who volunteers any day that he is needed.

His job is to pick up seniors who suffer from dementia and take them to a day program where they get to participate in a variety of activities.  My dad says it’s a real eye opener to see how a simple thing such as a day out can bring a smile to these people’s faces.  They always tell him about the fun they have and my dad doesn’t mind listening to the gossip they have about their day too.  He’s received much praise for what he does, but as his daughter I can tell you his big heart doesn’t stop there.  He does everything he can for anyone he knows, just because he’s a good person. I think everyone should take a lesson from him and get out there and help someone in anyway that you can.   And for those of us who have someone as great as my dad in their life thank them.  After all, ’tis the season.

I’m just so damn tired

I have been home since Tuesday and I just haven’t been sleeping right.  Hell, I’m writing this at 4:21 in the morning because I am sick of laying and staring at the ceiling.  It’d probably help for me to get out and go for a walk or work out or something but I have little motivation to even do that.  You just get into a slump when you’re tired y’know?  When you just feel like laying in bed all day but know that it’ll do nothing but make things worse.  I’m excited that I have curling tomorrow night but I can’t really say that I’m excited to drive myself there.  I don’t like driving in the city at all.  I’m actually really bad at it.

Other than that, exams are done.  So you would expect my exhausted body to just give into sleep but it hasn’t yet (which would explain why I’ve gone through 5 seasons of the Office).  I’ve learned to never settle for less than a Pam and Jim relationship.  I am just obsessed with how great of a couple they are and how they’re friendship is always first.

I guess I should just close my eyes and hopefully fall asleep soon.  It doesn’t help I have an extremely wasted brother and his friend in my basement who keep getting louder and louder with each passing hour.  I get it’s a Saturday and you guys work hard during the week but please quiet down.

So let’s hope this tiredness pases.  I want my next post to come from a better mood. xo

Look who it is!

I know I haven’t been on here for a while, but school took over my life and sent me for a whirlwind of fun times including midterms, assignments, late nights, many tears, some laughs, and now I’m into my finals!   I can’t believe term five is almost done and let me tell you it’s been a fucking adventure.  From getting up at 8 am on Tuesdays to the week of a grand total of 18 hours of sleep to the nights where I set my alarm for PM instead of AM there has been many challenges.  There’s a class I may possibly fail (fingers crossed I pass), there’s a class with a crazy professor, there’s a class where the prof is nothing short of amazing.  Is it completely evident I’ve had one crazy semester?!

Also in this time frame I turned the big 2-0.  It was an amazing adventure of visiting my best friend in Waterloo and catching up with some camp friends.  I went to my first kegger (where I drank rum and coke as I hate beer), I sang on a couch with a gay man using beer bottles as microphones, and I wasted nearly 2 hours in a book store.  It made me dread going back to the city, it made me realize I probably made the wrong choice going to the university that I did…but honestly, everything happens for a life.  My life would of played out completely differently if I had gone to Waterloo, and I wouldn’t know any of the amazing GH people that I know now.

I’m writing this as I take a break from studying for my last final, and let me just say I’m everything but stoked to write this exam.  Politics short answers + essay question = one stressed Amanda.  I’ve been living in my room living off of tea and crappy food for a week of hell (4 exams in 5 days).

Hopefully, I’ll have a real entry later this week (I’m done school the 12th).  I’ve missed writing about my life all the time!  For those of you who have stumbled upon this blog: hello and welcome <3, for those of you who have PATIENTLY waited for an update, THANK YOU 🙂 <3.