Sorry for the lack of updates!

I know I haven’t updated everyday and I’m really sorry! It’s kind of sad I can’t even write in my blog for 31 days, but for anyone who’s read my blog before this shouldn’t come as a huge shock.  I’m in the middle of midterms and so the time I do have to myself is usually spent de-stressing because I end up getting panic attack like symptoms if I don’t and let’s be honest – we all need to take care of ourselves!

I’ve recently found a few things that help me de-stress and make me so happy. The first being guitar.  I bought my ukulele earlier this summer and it also makes me smile but the guitar has always been something I wanted to pick up on.  I can’t really play anything that well yet but it’s fun to fool around on.  I also enjoy sitting back and watching Disney movies – it’s to the point that when I’m stressed out my friends like Gilbie tell me to put on a happy Disney movie.  It’s essentially a form of therapy for me because it helps me calm down, collect my thoughts and feel good again.  The best part is the movies are never terribly long so I can get back to working on my studying again.

And as it’s 1:05 am and I’m part of a research study tomorrow, I’m off to bed to review science notes and then off to la la land.  I’ll try to post again this week, I’m sure I’ll have some fun ❤


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