What is your favorite day of the week? And why?

My favourite day of the week despite the insanity is Tuesday’s.  I wake up around 7:15 which is an early time for me and make either a smoothie or tea or both.  I put on my yoga pants and running shoes and head on out to my Science of Healthy Living class which I have with my friends from my program and the professor is amazing.  I then have an hour break before I go to pilates with my friend and my roommate and then it’s off to psychological measurement which isn’t necessarily my favourite class but I usually get to sit near this one girl in my class who has the most contagious laugh and makes me smile! So not a bad day overall, OH and the food in the caf on Tuesdays hasn’t been too bad, but as far as food goes Wednesday is my favourite day because there’s ice cream sundaes and pasta (YUMYUM).

(as you can tell by this post I’m getting writer’s block but I’m not following the Daily Post for ideas so I won’t be missing any of 31 for 21!)


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