When I was a younger teenager all I could think about was moving away from home and going to school.  I imagined going to somewhere far away and only coming home on holidays.  I imagined loving the city and not being able to get enough of the busyness and saying goodbye to my boring mondain town.  I thought I could live away from home and not miss my parents and that my friends and I would go to each other’s schools on on our free weekends.  But things haven’t turned out how I wanted them too – and maybe it’s better this way.

I ended up moving to a school that’s only 45 minutes away and thank god I did because I despise the city.  The calmness and safety of my town is what keeps me coming home.  The familiarity of the local pizza shop and only having to drive 5 minutes to anything you need is what keeps a smile on my face.  My room with the tiny twin bed overflowing with trophies and books is what reminds me to keep being me.  My family room is the place I end up vegging out in because I can’t get enough of how comfy and familiar my furniture is.  The best part of home is my friends are always eager to come back, no matter how far we try to get away our town always pulls us in.

And recently our town has made the news with a mysterious murder, horrible cops, and a Quarry debate but these things aren’t what defines it to me.  The hugs you get when you run into someone at Wal-Mart and the laughs you share over a drink at the pub are what define my town for me.

As much as I despise you, I love you just as much home ❤


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