I’m one of those people who are not a huge fan of cardio, but living on campus with the horrible food I knew I had to do something to prevent drastic weight gain from happening again.  I’m fortunate enough to have friends who do all kinds of work outs and when my friend Levi invited me to go to pilates I was extremely nervous – don’t you have to be extremely flexible? Isn’t it a lot to do with bending your bod in weird shapes and doing things unnaturally?

How nieve I was!  Pilates can be challenging for everyone because YES it does require flexibility but you can be like me and not be flexible at all – it’s all about developing flexibility and core building.  It’s also a huge stress relief, to be able to take an hour of out of my day to stretch in a few different ways REALLY makes a difference from running around like a chicken with my head cut off to finding level ground again.   I’m glad I wake up early every Thursday to go for an hour and now I’ve added it into my Thursday schedule between my two classes.  I’m so fortunate to have a roommate who is supportive enough to make sure I drag my ass there and a friend who has been nothing short of encouraging.

I’m going to look into an easy pilates DVD for my birthday and a yoga matt so I can do it in my room on days off to see how I like it that way, but I definitely enjoy going to the class an interacting with the instructor who can help fix your positions a bit.   This is a small step to a healthy life style but I’m getting there and I’m glad I have the support to get there.


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