31 for 21!

Some of you may notice this little 31 for 21 button on the side of my blog.  For those of you who don’t know October is Down Syndrome Awareness blog and someone has posted a challenge of blogging for 31 days to raise awareness.  The guidelines state that you don’t need to write about down syndrome everyday because it’s only part of life but you can bet a few of my entries will be about it!

I’m so proud to say that this year on April 30th I became an aunt for the firs time!  At 2:06 in the morning my lovely baby niece Everleigh Ashley-Louise was born.  She was tiny and perfect and wonderful, and within a week of her being born we found out she had that extra 21st chromsome making her an extra amazing baby.  I’m so lucky to be involved in her life as much as I am.  I’ve watched her go from being a swaddle lovin’ baby to a baby who loves to hold her head up and smile and giggle.  She’s also got this death grip with hair thing going on, but she’s so cute you can’t even get mad at her for it!

I took developmental psychology and I understand what a “normal growth rate” of a baby is – but my professor also said something that really stuck with me.  If babies get to the same end point what does it matter how long it takes? Will people really get upset if she doesn’t roll over at the time she’s six months? No, because eventually she’s going to get there and besides, with a face as cute as Evie’s its impossible not to love her.  She has been the light of my light since she was born and she’s going to remain the light of my life for the rest of it.

Evie’s momma is also taking place in the 31 for 21 challenge and she’ll definitely have more on down syndrome than I do because well, let’s face it she has more time with the little munchkin.  Her blog is here.




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