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Tell me how anybody thinks under these conditions

I actually had the best news of my university career so far today: I got an 89 percent on a midterm which is the highest mark I’ve gotten on a test since coming into university.  I was so happy I wanted to cry but instead just contained my excitement and didn’t really know who to tell because I didn’t want to seem like that kid who needs to brag about every single mark she gets for self-assurance.  But I actually don’t have time to celebrate…I have two midterms this week, and another two next week before I kiss them goodbye and say hello to the assignments.

I always said I don’t believe in cramming but in these conditions, you don’t have a choice.


Sorry for the lack of updates!

I know I haven’t updated everyday and I’m really sorry! It’s kind of sad I can’t even write in my blog for 31 days, but for anyone who’s read my blog before this shouldn’t come as a huge shock.  I’m in the middle of midterms and so the time I do have to myself is usually spent de-stressing because I end up getting panic attack like symptoms if I don’t and let’s be honest – we all need to take care of ourselves!

I’ve recently found a few things that help me de-stress and make me so happy. The first being guitar.  I bought my ukulele earlier this summer and it also makes me smile but the guitar has always been something I wanted to pick up on.  I can’t really play anything that well yet but it’s fun to fool around on.  I also enjoy sitting back and watching Disney movies – it’s to the point that when I’m stressed out my friends like Gilbie tell me to put on a happy Disney movie.  It’s essentially a form of therapy for me because it helps me calm down, collect my thoughts and feel good again.  The best part is the movies are never terribly long so I can get back to working on my studying again.

And as it’s 1:05 am and I’m part of a research study tomorrow, I’m off to bed to review science notes and then off to la la land.  I’ll try to post again this week, I’m sure I’ll have some fun ❤

Thoughts in my head before bed

I am so thankful for so many different things in my life. I have parents who were strict on me when I was younger but now allow me to spread my wings and follow my heart with my decisions. I have the most supportive friends in the world who have my back on anything and everything. I have a brother who would go to the end of the world for me if he had to. I have a group of people from camp who keep me happy under so many different circumstances. Somedays I’m so ungrateful for all the great things I’ve been given but my goodness there are so many amazing things in my life.

There have been so many things this year that have opened my eyes and have made me a better person. The birth of me niece has taught me to transform the words that I use to be more socially appropriate and more open minded. It’s amazing what a tiny little being can do for you. I learned that I have the ability to be a role model for so many kids and there’s nothing better than hearing a kid say they’ll miss you. I’ve become more aware of what a great thing it is to grow as a person and while it’s sad to close some doors in your life it’s great to be able to look out the window and see what your future could hold.

I may not have days where I shine the brightest or where I show how thankful I am for everything that I have but my goodness it’s a great life I live. I may sound like I’m tooting my own horn in this post but I needed the opportunity to look at my life take a deep breath and tell myself that the only way I can possibly move is forward.

What is your favorite day of the week? And why?

My favourite day of the week despite the insanity is Tuesday’s.  I wake up around 7:15 which is an early time for me and make either a smoothie or tea or both.  I put on my yoga pants and running shoes and head on out to my Science of Healthy Living class which I have with my friends from my program and the professor is amazing.  I then have an hour break before I go to pilates with my friend and my roommate and then it’s off to psychological measurement which isn’t necessarily my favourite class but I usually get to sit near this one girl in my class who has the most contagious laugh and makes me smile! So not a bad day overall, OH and the food in the caf on Tuesdays hasn’t been too bad, but as far as food goes Wednesday is my favourite day because there’s ice cream sundaes and pasta (YUMYUM).

(as you can tell by this post I’m getting writer’s block but I’m not following the Daily Post for ideas so I won’t be missing any of 31 for 21!)

A night with the niece

Well a night that was suppose to be spent baby sitting my number one girl ended up being a night sitting in emerg with her mama.  The poor little Bean has some sort of stomach upset buggy thing.  She’s starting to keep SOME pedialite down.  Hoping that she gets some sleep tongiht, I’m honestly too exhausted to write anymore on this but I’ll be sure to update tomorrow 🙂


When I was a younger teenager all I could think about was moving away from home and going to school.  I imagined going to somewhere far away and only coming home on holidays.  I imagined loving the city and not being able to get enough of the busyness and saying goodbye to my boring mondain town.  I thought I could live away from home and not miss my parents and that my friends and I would go to each other’s schools on on our free weekends.  But things haven’t turned out how I wanted them too – and maybe it’s better this way.

I ended up moving to a school that’s only 45 minutes away and thank god I did because I despise the city.  The calmness and safety of my town is what keeps me coming home.  The familiarity of the local pizza shop and only having to drive 5 minutes to anything you need is what keeps a smile on my face.  My room with the tiny twin bed overflowing with trophies and books is what reminds me to keep being me.  My family room is the place I end up vegging out in because I can’t get enough of how comfy and familiar my furniture is.  The best part of home is my friends are always eager to come back, no matter how far we try to get away our town always pulls us in.

And recently our town has made the news with a mysterious murder, horrible cops, and a Quarry debate but these things aren’t what defines it to me.  The hugs you get when you run into someone at Wal-Mart and the laughs you share over a drink at the pub are what define my town for me.

As much as I despise you, I love you just as much home ❤

Rest in Peace Steve Jobs

teve Job brought us:
  • The concept of a personal computer
  • The computer mouse
  • Toy Story one (he owned pixar for a while)
  • iPod
  • Apple Computers (and Mac Books)
  • A way to listen to music that was revolutionary
  • A phone that could double as your music player
  • A tablet- that I’ll be it we mocked for the name but we all envy.

He brought us so much technology, every person can thank him for something he’s done.

Rest in Peace Steve Jobs, thank you for everything.  Thanks for making technology something to always be challenged and created better.  You were a fighter, another person lost too early from cancer.