Getting that time of year again…

It’s getting to that time of the school year again where I just become this insane ball fo exhaustion and completely lethargic and unmotivated.  I spent the last two weeks in August longing for the insanity of school and now I’m sitting in my bed typing this instead of actually studying politics.  I think I have this anti-Marxism thing because I had to write a paper on it first year and just did horrendous.  I’m thinking I may switch over to writing an ethics assignment that is due in a week and give my brain a break from all this political madness.  I just want to do things that don’t involve me opening a book and feeling like my brain is oozing out of my ears.  It probably would help if I had some form of a memory but my memory is sooo poor I have to write everything down all the time.

The class I was most looking forward to is a total dud.  The professor just reads from the textbook and I feel like I am pretty much going to be self-teaching myself abnormal psychology.  I also think I’ll be spending my time avoiding politics readings from the driest textbook ever written.  I don’t understand why people write in columns, it’s just ends up confusing my brain about which direction to read.  Someone offered to split readings with me and I just may take them up on it because I feel like my life revolves around ridiculous textbook overload.

I guess I should actually start researching and stop bitching.  I just needed to get it out a bit. xoxo


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