Back to school

So I’ve finally moved back to the city to start school and have my life once again filled with chaos of readings, lectures, and exams.  I moved into a suite room this year which I am loving and am fortunate enough to have a very down to earth roommate who is open to sharing everything in our kitchen (yay to our stash of red delicious apples)!  I am loving the freedom of living in a suite style room with all the luxuries of living in residence such as meals already cooked if I need them and the added security for the pretty unsafe neighbourhood that we live in.

Coming back to school came with an extra added bonus this year: a picket line and a bunch of college support staff on strike.  While I support the right for people to strike it’s extremely inconvenient for many people, I am fortunate enough to be barely effected by the strike. Walking to class I have no picket lines to cross and the only time I’m reminded that there’s a strike is when my friends complain about the long line outside the school.  On the plus side, classes have been really interesting and I’m enjoying being back with so many amazing people and despite the work load that I can already sense I can feel it will be a great year.

As far as my Florida part two post I’m hoping to do that sometime this weekend – unfortunately I’m currently feeling a little under the weather and me and my roommate are also currently waiting for the cable man to come this weekend so if he shows up on time I probably will be distracted by my latest luxury.


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