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Getting that time of year again…

It’s getting to that time of the school year again where I just become this insane ball fo exhaustion and completely lethargic and unmotivated.  I spent the last two weeks in August longing for the insanity of school and now I’m sitting in my bed typing this instead of actually studying politics.  I think I have this anti-Marxism thing because I had to write a paper on it first year and just did horrendous.  I’m thinking I may switch over to writing an ethics assignment that is due in a week and give my brain a break from all this political madness.  I just want to do things that don’t involve me opening a book and feeling like my brain is oozing out of my ears.  It probably would help if I had some form of a memory but my memory is sooo poor I have to write everything down all the time.

The class I was most looking forward to is a total dud.  The professor just reads from the textbook and I feel like I am pretty much going to be self-teaching myself abnormal psychology.  I also think I’ll be spending my time avoiding politics readings from the driest textbook ever written.  I don’t understand why people write in columns, it’s just ends up confusing my brain about which direction to read.  Someone offered to split readings with me and I just may take them up on it because I feel like my life revolves around ridiculous textbook overload.

I guess I should actually start researching and stop bitching.  I just needed to get it out a bit. xoxo


I still remember…

I never thought a single day in history would affect my  generation as deeply as this one has.  I was a 9 year old girl sitting in her grade five classroom when we were learning about different ways to travel out of the blue after our spelling test.  I clearly remember my teacher expressing to us that “flying is the safest way to travel”.  None of us knew what had happened moments before and our day had been going on as if it was any other day.

After lunch had happened one of the girls from my class had come back and told us all about a plane crashing into the side of a building in New York.  I figured it was just an accident, and that the pilot must of made a mistake and underestimated how high he was.  I thought the second crashing had to of been the same reason as well the Pentagon and Flight 93 crashing into a field.  I had such a positive view of the world and I didn’t think people actually still attacked each other.

Our teacher explained to us what happened and I was so confused as to what was ACTUALLY happening.  I was upset to learn that many people had died, that  there were still a lot of people missing, and that some were seriously injured.  I remember going home and counting 17 of the 28 channels that I had gone through were talking about the attacks.  It was like a car accident that I couldn’t turn my head away from and that I didn’t really want to look at all in one.  When my mom came home from work she didn’t know how to explain it to my brother and me and neither did my dad.  We just kept our channel locked on the news and watched past our bedtimes.

I thought it was going to be one of those things where we forget it happened the next day, but the months of constant coverage showed me otherwise.  I remember the delayed “thank you” to Canada on the bristol board and George Bush announcing war on Iraq – a country that I previously had no idea existed.  The names of what our generation associates evil with started to become known to me shortly as well as Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.  I remember Canadian soldiers being sent overseas to Afghanistan.  It’s the closest thing this generation has experienced to war and it’s something I don’t think any of us can forget.

I think we also need to take a moment to think of the positives that happened on this day.  There were emergency workers who entered a scene they no doubt had never seen before.  There were strangers who helped other strangers escape buildings.  There were a group of people on a flight who saved possibly thousands of lives by crashing it into a field.  To every volunteer who entered a building, or welcomed a family who had lost someone a place of comfort for the night.  There were so many who looked beyond themselves and made a difference in the world that day.

I hope we never have such a horrible event happen again, and I hope we always remember what happened.  Lest we Forget…our thoughts are still with you America.

Back to school

So I’ve finally moved back to the city to start school and have my life once again filled with chaos of readings, lectures, and exams.  I moved into a suite room this year which I am loving and am fortunate enough to have a very down to earth roommate who is open to sharing everything in our kitchen (yay to our stash of red delicious apples)!  I am loving the freedom of living in a suite style room with all the luxuries of living in residence such as meals already cooked if I need them and the added security for the pretty unsafe neighbourhood that we live in.

Coming back to school came with an extra added bonus this year: a picket line and a bunch of college support staff on strike.  While I support the right for people to strike it’s extremely inconvenient for many people, I am fortunate enough to be barely effected by the strike. Walking to class I have no picket lines to cross and the only time I’m reminded that there’s a strike is when my friends complain about the long line outside the school.  On the plus side, classes have been really interesting and I’m enjoying being back with so many amazing people and despite the work load that I can already sense I can feel it will be a great year.

As far as my Florida part two post I’m hoping to do that sometime this weekend – unfortunately I’m currently feeling a little under the weather and me and my roommate are also currently waiting for the cable man to come this weekend so if he shows up on time I probably will be distracted by my latest luxury.

Finally Inked!

After years upon years of wanting a tattoo and years of debate on what to get I finally settled and sucked up my fears and got my first tattoo.  Now people are going to tell you things like ‘it doesn’t hurt that much’ or ‘the sound is worse than the tattoo part itself’.  I found both these statements to be false.

Here’s what I found from my experience and what I can recommend to you:

1) Tattoos hurt a lot…especially on your foot.  There are points where you really don’t feel it happening but these points last about maybe 30 seconds before you feel the pain again. It’s also a pain that can only be described as someone taking a needle and shoving ink into your skin.  As far as outlining VS colouring goes outlining hurts a HELL of a LOT more.  The first point the needle went in brought tears to my eyes but over time you just learn to bear the pain.  The second most painful point was near the end I think because my foot was just getting over sensitive.  I got told I’ll have to come get parts touched up in about a month or so and I’m not too terribly worried about that.

2) Go and get your tattoo from someone who cares.

Great guy and amazing overalls to boot!

I honestly can’t imagine getting my tattoo done by anyone other then the guy that did it.  I’ve known him for about two years and he’s done all of my piercings for me.  He has a really calming personality and let’s you know if you need anything to just stop him.  He also was extremely empathetic and told me he doesn’t even have a tattoo on his foot so he knows it’s not exactly a walk in the park and this made me feel better then someone who would of just told me to suck it up.

3) Don’t back out of what you want.  If I had listened to everyone who told me that I shouldn’t get a foot tattoo because they hurt I would of ended up with my tattoo somewhere else and chances are I wouldn’t like it as much.  With that being said, don’t be scared to say EXACTLY what you want and if it takes you a while to decide then so be it.  I booked my appointment a month in advance with the bird sent in but two weeks later I finally decided I wanted my mom’s writing on me.  My artist was patient enough to wait for it AND incorporate it into my piece, which is definitely one of the highlights of looking down at my foot everyday.

4)  Show it off to anyone and everyone.  From now until the snow falls you can guarantee that this Canadian girl will be in her flip flops showing off her tat’.  Some people may not notice it, and some people may not want to hear the story behind your tattoo but I secretly hope for people to ask me about it.  And give your artist credit!  Someone had the heart to follow your every wish and made it into something meaningful for you to have forever, they deserve to be known.

Now a moment for me to be a total loser and tell you the story behind MY tattoo:

To anyone who knows me you know my family is my world to me.  Grandparents on both sides of my family have been avid nature lovers and so I opted for the bird to symbolize this.  It also symbolizes freedom and more specifically sparrows symbolize love.  My mom’s writing was used to do the writing “you must follow your heart” – not only does my mother regularly tell me to put myself first but sometimes I need the reminder that mom’s always with me.

And now…the final product!:

Ta -da! And there you have it my great tattoo adventure! If you have any questions on tattoos I may not be an expert but I can tell you things from my experience! I promise you it’s not as bad as it all seems and when you see that final product it’s worth every second of pain.

Florida Part One!

A picture of our hotel- Loews Portofino Bay

Well I finally got an adventure I had been hoping for ever since I was a little kid – I got to go on my first airplane ride and my first family vacation to Florida.  For the past 3 years my dad has been unemployed so there really hasn’t been a lot we’ve been able to do vacation wise but luckily we happened to win a trip from a restaurant here that gave us 4 days and 3 nights at Universal Studios.  Beyond excited, we packed our bags and boarded the plane bright and early Sunday morning to finally arrive at the hotel around 2:30 in the afternoon. By the time we got settled in our room it was around 3:30 and we decided we’d find somewhere to eat in the hotel area. Downside of really nice hotels: all the food is crazy expensive.  We managed to find an Italian bakery like place that served salads, pizza, and sandwiches and grabbed a bite to eat.  One reason to love America: how readily available cherry coke is.  The restaurant was a little bit on the pricy side but the pizza I had was the best I had ever tasted! All of my family loved their meals and quickly made the decision to head over to Universal Studios for the day as we had enough passes for three days and knew we’d be leaving Wednesday around 5:00 in the morning.

The only theme park I’ve ever really experienced is Canada’s Wonderland and I now know that it is nothing like what a theme park should be like.  Universal Studios is AMAZING.  We walked around and did a few rides that were there (The Simpsons Ride and Shrek 4D were easily my favourites) and checked out some souvenir places to get an idea of what we may like to get later on.  We received a book from a family friend that acted as a guide for us for which rides to ride – I’m not a huge roller coaster fan there were still tons of options for me that had amazing reviews.  When the park was closing we took the water taxi back to the hotel to take advantage of the pools that they had.  We opted to go for the non lifeguarded pool to ensure there would be less people around.  We quickly cooled off and called it a night as we knew we had a busy day ahead of us.

Now this hotel really knew how to treat it’s customers!  For our first full day at the parks we opted to go to the Island of Adventure  where as hotel guest we received – wait for it – AN HOUR EARLY ENTRANCE TO THE WIZARDLY WORLD OF HARRY POTTER.  This portion of the park gets INSANE once nine o’clock hits and I’m really glad I got to do the things I wanted to do there.  The first day we had access to Harry Potter we lined up for Butterbeer (which rumour has it can be close to an hour wait in the busiest portion of the day)

My very first frozen Butterbeer - YUM!

and went into the gift shops to pick up some souvenirs for people back home (beer mug, tumblers of each house and pins – CHECK!).  The second day that we had early access we headed into Olivander’s (they only take about thirty people at a time) and did a tour of Hogwarts.  As big of a fan of HP as I am my favourite portion of the trip goes to Seuss landing. It was like watching my childhood come alive!  The buildings were all shaped as if you were in the books, the numerous characters running around made me light up  like a kid again.  While the Grinch covered my face in our picture together the Cat in the Hat gave me a kiss on the hand and would of made an excellent prom date for me in high school.  My mom and me rode all the rides in Seuss landing and my favourite is probably the Cat in the Hat – it made the story come to life!  My family also bought “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” shirts for my brother and I and then my parents had “father/mother of all things” shirts.  We felt like a bunch of tourists but we had a lot of fun.

Now this is only a bit of my trip, I’m going to be posting more later on with more pictures  overall it’s safe to say that I had a BLAST and would love to go back sometime.