Goodbye Camp

It’s been an amazing eight weeks of my life.  I moved into a cabin with a sleeping bag, pillow, and duffle bag full of clothes and I left with more memories than I thought was even possible.  I try not to get attached to people at jobs because I know how quickly people can leave – but at camp I somehow couldn’t help but get attached to everyone there.

I have gotten unique experiences that I wouldn’t of gotten working anywhere else this summer.  I got to hear an autistic boy brag about climbing the rock climbing wall for the first time in three years at camp and I got to see his face glow with pride.  I had the opportunity to hear about a down syndrome boy who kissed his counsellor goodbye on the first day.  I personally got to experience a session of warm and fuzzies where a camper wrote “you’re a real star” to me.  Every little thing at camp can be a big deal to a kid and it can make your heart simply glow at them overcoming hurdles and making new friends.

There are staff that I have become so close with from living with them for so long.  The ginger trio has been a great group of people to get to know – each one is crazier than the other. Then there’s the curly hair party who owns my heart for their dedication in becoming teachers and still having the ability to have fun.  I fear losing touch with everyone and so I’m clinging onto everything I can to keep them closer.

I’m now getting ready to go to Florida and to go back to Toronto to start another year of school knowing I’ve grown, knowing I’ve changed from the summer, and knowing it’s all for the better.


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