I’m back!

I know I wanted to keep a camp blog this summer but there is too much going on at camp for me to do so.  Camp has kind of become my life – I look forward to leaving early on Sunday’s to get back to my new found family, I hate leaving on Friday’s knowing we are short a day of seeing each other, and the highlight of my day is always when we’re in the basement of the lodge having time to ourselves exchanging stories.

Camp isn’t a job for me, it’s a lifestyle.  I’ve met all these amazing people who I wouldn’t have had an opportunity to meet outside of camp.  There’s people at camp that I connect with more than I connect with to people at school.  You share an experience not many people get to have and you face challenges that a lot of jobs don’t have.  The greatest thing is getting a phone FILLED with nicknames that nobody in the world would get but you.  I’m so sad that in 20 days this experience is going to be over but I’m hoping next year I get hired back.  You get attached to people there who end up becoming your rocks in every situation.  I feel almost like there’s two lives – the outside world and the camp world. I don’t want them mixing because I don’t think one could ever match the other in amazingness.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to update soon, but there’s always that chance that you may not see an  update from me until Florida.  I’m hoping now with only one blog to focus on I won’t feel weird posting about camp and about my real life all in one blog.  Let’s see how this goes 🙂


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