We all Need Somebody to Lean on

For those of you who met me fresh out of high school I was a 120 pound girl who found herself to be overweight and found it impossible to find clothes.  If I could go back in time and give myself a smack across the back of the head then I would.  I would tell myself how beautiful I was and how finding clothes was not an issue of finding things that fit but an issue of getting over the fact the teenage self-esteem issues haven’t quite left yet.

I look at myself today over 30 pounds heavier and not happy with how I look, while I could sit here for hours going on about the stretch marks I’ve gained and the number of jean sizes I’ve gone up but doing this isn’t going to make a change in my life.  I’m not looking for a phase diet to go on and calorie counting hasn’t worked for me in the past.  I think it’s time I start to take things one day at a time and set simple goals for myself to accomplish each day.  Tomorrow will be my official start to these changes.  There’s no sense in me making things unrealistic for me so I’m starting off with some simple steps:

1) At least 2 bottles of water a day.  For many of you this sounds like an absolute joke but I rarely drink water because I’m extremely picky about beverages but this is something I have to over come.  I know that 2 water bottles is technially 1/2 of the servings you need a day (8 cups is the recommended amount) but as  I said earlier baby steps. 

2) While we’re on the topic of beverages a cut out of pop is necessary.  I drink way too much of this crap and all it is sugar and carbonated water.  While I’d like to cut out all caffinated beverages from my diet I’m seeing that goal as impossible because within a week I’ll be working at a camp on 5 hours of sleep a day.  I’m opting to keep my tea in but cut back on the sugar by a spoonful – who knows eventually I may end up drinking my tea black.

3) Walking for 15 minutes a day – sounds simple right?  I never seem to find time in my day to do the simplest of activities to keep weight off and then I run into delemas like I’m in now.  I find it boring to walk around with no one to talk to and without a goal of where to go.  There are some great walking trails near my hosue that I may go check out tomorrow.  At camp this goal will easily be tackled every day – for hours a day we’re running around, swimming, chasing after kids, or simply getting to our next activity.

4) START EATING BREAKFAST.  Okay so this is one I absolutely have to start doing and at camp we’re forced to do it.  At university I’m usually waking up around 11 and opt to wait until lunch to eat a meal which ends up becoming a binge eat of something not healthy.  I figure if I start my day off with a big bowl of cereal and a bottle of water I can complete a goal and a half right there.

5) Food cut off time – I learned this one from Oprah’s personal trainer!  If you cut out food at a certain time at night eventually your body isn’t going to get hungry that late anymore and let’s  be honest – we tend to eat the foods that are bad for us,

While goal making is easy so is breaking promises to yourself hence why I’ve found myself a support buddy.  My friend Evelyn recently went away to school and also faced the terror of weight gain because of cafeteria food.  We both want to change our lifestyles and figure in investing in what one another has to say as a critical part in reaching our goals.  We both have jobs for the summer so it’s going to be a little tricky to stay in touch but I know we can do it.

Also, come September I’m going to be able to have more control over what’s around for me to eat.  Fresh fruit can be expensive but I figure if I buy what’s on sale every week/other week (depending on the weather) I’ll be getting some form of variety.  Another great thing about September rolling around is the fact my school offers personal training sessions for a decent price and I have a rommate who wants to go to the gym (even if it’s just our little one in residence) as much as possible. 

I feel like this journey I’m about to start is a lot about breaking habits and developing new ones.  I figure every so often I’ll post something on here about how it’s going but I don’t want my blog to become a weight loss blog because that’s not the type of girl I am.  In the mean time, I’m finishing off this last pop of mine and resisting the urge to get another plate of the leftover chinese food.  It’s going to be a struggle but here’s hoping I can figure it out


One thought on “We all Need Somebody to Lean on

  1. Auntie Howlett Im so proud of you! You are still a beautiful girl and always have been but im proud of you for been so dedicated in your goals. I know you always set goals for yourself and you always fulfill them to your fullest capability. I know you’ll do great, you always do. I felt the same way that you mentioned at the beginning, I gained over ten pounds when I moved because i stopped going out, moving around, eating too much, and not caring anymore. I looked back on pictures and wish I could have slapped my high-school self for thinking I was fat too. Its tragic that every high-school girl thinks she is when clearly they are not. I’ve been struggling with it still, trying Weight Watchers this past year up until about April this year. It got expensive and I also just couldnt get back into it after falling of the bandwagon once. I’ve managed to keep a little of but its minor, like 5lbs, but like you said its baby steps. Starting with the water and walking, and adding the no pop and just eating better things, you will see amazing results especially the more and further you go with this. The only thing I have to keep reminding myself is; it doesnt disappear over night, it takes time and work. I hope that doesnt discourage you at all though, good luck my dear you can do it! ❤

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