The more and more that I’m thinking about it, the more and more I want to get a tattoo.   This isn’t one of those “oh I want something abstract” or “I want something pointless” I’ve put a lot of thought into what I want to get.  While in my younger teen years I had a lot of ideas of what I want one has always stuck out in my head – the cover of the Sometimes CD has always stuck out in my mind, and I mean every since I saw the CD cover I’ve wanted that bird on me.  I’ve also made a really easy decision on who I want to do my tattoo, mainly because he’s done my piercings and has made me feel nothing short of being absolutely comfortable (plus he’s not bad on the eyes).

The delemas I’m currently facing are as follows though:

1) Tattoos are expensive -I have no income until August 1st and I can’t spend it all on a tattoo, I have tuition and residence fees to pay.  It may end up being something I have to wait until my birthday to get but if that’s the case then so be it.  If I want the tattoo badly enough I’ll wait that long for it.

2) I keep having delemas of where I want to put it on my body.  The two spots I’ve considered are my foot and on my rib cage and both present problems.  One is I don’t know what I would do for shoes in the corporate world if I go into a company that doesn’t want tattoos showing, and the other is that I don’t want my bra rubbing against my tattoo as it’s healing and putting me in super amounts of discomfort.

3) What I want to go in the ribbon of the birds mouth keeps changing, but I’m 95% certain it’s going to be “you must follow your heart”.  It’s a simple and timeless line that I don’t see me regretting later on in life, and it’s a line that has meant a lot to me through many different stages in my life and I guess could even be coined as my own little motto.

4) I have parents that generally haven’t taken well to any body modification I have done – when I died my hair red my mother wasn’t impressed and told me to dye it back to purple which needless to say makes me confused as to how they’re going to react to a tattoo.  My first piercing my mom was completely fine with but the more ‘rare’ ones I get like my rook and my snug the more she becomes turned off the idea of me having piercings.

I want to make sure this is a tattoo I’m okay with representing me, and everything about me.  I consider it a dedication to everyone who has taught me to follow my heart.  There’s my dad who has let me spread my wings and fly with whatever I want to do, my mom who set her bird free to be on her own, my grandparents who passed away and flew away to be somewhere else.  I don’t feel like I need people’s approval for it but I need to know that I’m not going to be kicked out of my house if there’s ink on my skin.  I guess we’re just gonna see how it turns out for now.


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