The Super Happy Fun Club

I’ve always been the kind of girl to come across an unknown band and kind of keep them to myself but this is a band I haven’t been successful in keeping a secret!  The Super Happy Fun club is a little known band from Chicago, Illinois that have recently released their first CD Go Fun Yourself which you can order off their website here under the merch section or if you’re like me and have absolutely no patience at all for delivery you can order it off of iTunes by clicking here (which of course will save you on the shipping and handling portions of things).   They are an independent band which has used various social media networks to promote themselves and to also communicate with their fans which explains why the band has over 600 twitter followers and 700 facebook fans.

Out of all the bands I listen to I can easily say this is the most down to earth band I have ever stumbled upon.  Before the CD was released anyone who signed up for free music on their website received two free songs in their inbox.  I’ve personally followed Stubhy (the band’s lead singer) on twitter since I first got an account years ago and have received Happy Birthday’s, responses to my personal tweets, and even encouragement to write this blog entry.   If you look up the band on facebook you’ll see that after every single show they play they thank the audience for coming out and genuinely show that they appreciate the support every single one of their fans give.

Album Art for Go Fun Yourself

Don’t let Go Fun Yourself’s small track list (eight songs) drive you away from purchasing it – while many bands creates albums that have 15-18 songs on them I often find that there are filler tracks.  Every song on the CD is extremely catchy; even the 41 second tune Billy the Entertainer  is bound to get stuck in your head.  The Super Happy Fun Club writes all their own music and lyrics while providing fans with a wide variety of songs from slower music to up beat music that makes you want to dance there is a large variety you can find on this album.  The CD has songs that were previously released online and quickly became fan favourites including My Life’s a Mess (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah), Victims, and Light Pollution  all of which can be heard here.

I want to encourage everyone out there to listen to the songs, buy the album, and tell the band what you think of their stuff either on facebook or twitter.  It’s important that small bands get support from everywhere and get passed along to as many people as possible so that they aren’t forgotten within the major record company bands.I hope in the future to write more on the band and keeping everyone who reads this blog updated on any new releases they have. As far as shows go the band currently doesn’t play many shows out of state but if there’s enough interest in one particular area the band may consider coming and playing.

For now, I’m counting down the days until my 21st birthday where I will buy a plane ticket to Chicago with one of my best friends and head to my first Super Happy Fun Club show in hopes to get my first autograph of the band.


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