City and Colour

Dallas Green

Canadian Man Dallas Green AKA City and Colour

I cannot say I was one of the people who instantly ran out and bought the Sometimes  CD when it was released back in 2005 and to be honest the name Dallas Green meant absolutely nothing to me.  It wasn’t until one day in HMV I was buying CDs and noticed it in the 2 for 20 bin, and it was love at first listen. Comin’ Home was a constant reminder to me of how that special someone can make any place feel special to you, and Hello I’m in Delaware was a painful reminder of how difficult distance in a relationship can be.  Shortly after noticing the first few scratches from the CD being overplayed I learned from his website that he was working on a new CD and I was anxious to get my hands on it and see what it was like.

In the summer of 2008 I picked up the Bring Me Your Love CD and it never left my CD player for long.  Dallas’ lyrics showed a change in maturity and my love for his music grew even stronger.  I fell asleep to Against the Grain on almost a nightly basis and it was my personal anthem to remember to go after what I truly want and not what others want me to go after.  The first time I ever heard Body in a Box I cried at how much it reminded me of how I felt about my grandpa’s death – everything is so rushed and we only really celebrate people’s lives once they’re gone.  This CD was my world and when I found out he was releasing a limited edition of the CD I trecked all the way down to Toronto to get one of the 3000 copies available (now that it’s on iTunes it doesn’t seem like that exciting of a deal but at 17 this was the biggest thing that ever happened to me).

Album art for Little Hell

Today marks the release of Dallas’ third studio album entitled Little Hell.  This is the first time I’ve ever gotten his CD on a release day and I opted for the digital iTunes option as I’m currently running out of room for CD’s in the limited space my room has and while I was on iTunes I found out some of his songs that are not on CDs were on sale for 69 cents (how could I say no?!).  I was a little iffy to get this CD at first as Fragile Bird (the first single) seemed to be a complete 360 from the usual style of City and Colour. Luckily, the week before MTV has released a leak of the album and I quickly saw that Fragile Bird was nothing like other songs on the CD. The iTunes deluxe edition came with a video about Dallas in the studio and also included the digital song booklet (one of the disadvantages about iTunes is this doesn’t seem to happen very often.

If you’re considering getting the album but want a preview of some of the songs available MTV’s The Leak has the album up.  I encourage you take a listen to We Found Each Other in the Dark and Northern Wind – both a little lovey dovey but that’s one of the reasons I love City and Colour so much!

Oh and if the music isn’t enough for you to see what an amazing man Dallas Green is – the man is always putting on free shows.  Last night was his record release show which happened at Sugar Beach in Toronto and today he’s doing another free show in Toronto.  I have nothing but amazing respect for artist who share their talents for nothing.  City and Colour is also touring the UK in July before returing to perform at a few Canadian Music Festivals this summer.

If you’re interested in visiting the official City and Colour website: Check it out here.


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