Canuck Couponing

With Summer just around the corner and my budget for life in general about to be cut short due to university costs I decided to take a look at freebies and coupons I could find online.  I’ve recently become intrigued by the show Extreme Couponer but know in Canada our coupon restrictions are a lot different.  For example, I worked in a grocery store for 2 years and learned that a lot of times you cannot accept coupons that have been printed off at home and can only accept mail sent coupons.  I found a few sites I think people may find helpful and interesting:  is a great resource for coupons!  I remember we used to get people who used this site all the time and I found it really simple to use.  You simply select from a list of coupons available which you want mailed to you and they will send them out in the next 2-3 business days. recommends that you only order coupons that you are going to use in the next 60 days or so.  I ordered some cleaning supplies coupons (to buy stuff for me and the future roomie), toilet paper, laundry soap, and tums for my parents. updates their coupons every 2-4 months apparently so I will probably be checking in August to stock up for university suite stuff. was my second amazing find for coupons specifically for Canadians.  The thing I love most about this site is that every time one of their coupons is used they donate 5 cents Breakfast for Learning which helps with the creation and ongoing funding for school breakfast clubs.  I found HUGE savings on this website because a lot of the coupons were buy one get one free on products such as febreeze (a quick laundry substitute for any student),  Fantastik, and Glade automatic air freshner refills.  Their coupons are also huge savings, most of the coupons I found were dollars off not cents.  I also love their selection of beauty product coupons such as L’oreal Paris and Maybelline.  Their FAQ page states that they usually ship their coupons every 5-7 business days depending on how Canada Post is in your area.  offers numerous P & G coupons for numerous aspects in your house including  beauty products, cleaning products, batteries, and baby items.  I was impressed to see coupons listed for duracell batteries on this site including rechargeable batteries AND chargers!  I ordered coupon for almost every swiffer product available as I find them to make cleaning a residence room a breeze.   The coupons for Crest White Strips 3D is impossible to pass up if you know anyone who uses the product – a $5 saving on whiting strips is an amazing deal (if you buy the biggest pack you are saving yourself nearly 8% of your product), and the Gillette coupon that is available (although intended for fathers day) is sure to get used this summer!

These are the best 3 sites I found today.  If you’re a Couponing Canuck  here are some tips I have for you:

  • Make sure the coupons are mailed to you – a lot of places won’t take printed coupons as they’re too easy to print
  • If you have friends that could benefit from a product on the site – order it!  A new mom can always use diaper savings, a student living on their own can always use more toilet paper, and stocking up on body wash is never a bad idea.
  • Check sites frequently, sometimes a coupon may be out of stock (I noticed this was the case for yogurt on
  • Understand that you can’t mass stock up on coupons from the same site – you often have to wait between 45-60 days to order the same coupons again.

Let me know of any success you have with these sites or if you have any other tips!




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