Feelin’ all lovey dovey

What if I never said to you I was ¤DYNAMITE¤?
What if I never told you I’m afraid to cry?
What if I never let you down and said I’m sorry for the nights I can’t remember?
What if I never said to you I would try?

This is so us it’s actually ridiculous.  I’ve probably called myself the bomb before, I told you I don’t like to cry in front of other people, we BOTH have nights we can’t remember together and despite asking me out on a second date I took the chance to go out with you and haven’t regretted it one second since.  We have the STUPIDEST fights anyone has ever heard of, we spend way too much time watching movies in bed and we make the most amazing plans together.  We never rush at doing things because we know we have a lot of time together.  I wasn’t looking for a relationship when you came along but I knew you would be quite a catch if we did start going out.  There are days where I wonder how deep I’ve gotten; like when I realize you’re my niece’s uncle and when we discuss things like puppy names.  I also realize that I’m a 19 year old girl and my imagination deserves the encouragement to run wild and my heart reserves the right to hope for nothing but the best for our future.

I have so many ridiculous memories with you I’ve never had with anyone else.  The first night we said I love you to each other?  We had been out for a friends birthday and you were the DD.  I was obsessing over the 10 dollar mini pitchers and was completely drunk off my ass.  You stopped at a 7/11 to get me water and I made it perfectly clear that I didn’t want Dasani so you got me two huge bottle of Montclair, one of which I spilled a fair bit of.  Just before we got to the highway you had to pull over so I could throw up where I managed to get it all over my boots and a bit on my scarf and had a crying fit over it.  I also realized I had gotten your pants, but you didn’t seem to care.  You grabbed a bottle of water and dumped it on my boots and said “see all better”.  When we got back to rez you cleaned off my boots for me and I went to get ready for bed.  That night when we were cuddled up to you I got the most intense butterflies and was debating whether or not I should say anything.  And how did it go?
A: I was going to say something when I was throwing up
M: What was it?
A: Nevermind
M: Go for it
A: I was going to say this would be a really inappropriate time to say that I love you.

We are far from perfect but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Happy 9 months in a few weeks MK.  You put the ZING in amazing (and I put the ME in awesome).


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