Summer heat

I think the worse part of summer is the fact that I overheat way too easily and while I wish I could find a pool that I could just  jump into I’m not going to be that lucky.  I have HUGE issues with the way my legs look but this summer I took the initiative to buy some shorts.  It’s literally been about four year since I have worn a pair and as I sit here typing this I’m even debating heading back to getting changed into capris.  Today is suppose to feel like FORTY degrees Celsius ( for those of you who work in Fahrenheit that’s about 104) so I think it’s safe to say that it would be absolutely RIDICULOUS for me to not stay cool in anyway that I could.

A great part of summer is McDonald’s dollar drink days which basically means that nobody has an excuse for not staying hydrated.  While pop may not be your best choice for doing this a lot of the McDonald’s have a water option on their fountain drink machines.  I’m trying to stay away from pop as much as possible as it’s completely empty calories but it is one of my true weaknesses!  I’m trying to get on a kick of drinking as much water as possible but I am a complete and total water snob in that I will not drink reverse osmosis water and am completely biased to spring water.  Hopefully when I’m home next I put my reusable water bottle in my purse so I never have an excuse for not having water on me!

Everyone try and stay cool today – lather on that sunscreen put on those shades!


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