One month!

One month seems to be the hot topic of my life today!  For one thing, I begin my job in exactly one month today and for another thing my niece turns one month on Monday.

Time seriously flies so fast with babies – she is one inch longer and one pound heavier in a month and she’s only going to keep growing.  She’s becoming more alert, and more squirmish, and more adorable.  If you ever need your life brightened up you need to look at a baby and see how amazing life is and see how easy things really are.  Babies make everything exciting (no seriously- you get excited over poops, and farts, and burps, and sneezes).  I can’t even imagine when she starts smiling and laughing and such, all I know is I’m so happy I’m part of this journey.

And I’m seriously excited to be starting a new job!  I went out yesterday with my boyfriend to go shopping for clothes for work at the summer camp.  I managed to buy all my bottoms (3 shorts and 3 capris) for $98 as well as qualified for free renewal on my membership card which gives me 10% off every time I go to the store.  When I get deals like this I seriously feel like I’m part of extreme couponing.  I also got my first pairs of running shoes since about grade 9. Luckily my boyfriend still works at a sports store (as well as his full time job) and I was able to get the shoes at cost and therefore spent pretty much half price on them.  These shoes are like wearing socks; they’re so light and they’re so comfy!  Plus the one pair comes with nike plus which I’m trying to learn mroe about as I know that my ipod is equipped for it.

For the actual job part I’m a little bit nervous to start my job because I don’t know who I am working with in either part of my job.  I have a unique position at this camp where I am working in the office during the day and as a counsellor during the night.  This has it’s advantages because I love working with kids and I won’t have to pay for gas money to commute from my town to the camp (which is about 40 minutes away).  I also am really good at doing office administration work and I’m excited to see if it’s something I could keep doing until I find out what I really want to do with my life.

And SPEAKING of what to do with my life I’ve been researching different grad schools and what I want to do.  I had my heart set on going to college for a diploma in Human Resource Management and I am researching different schools to do this with.  I am still completing my degree in psychology and I hope it can effectively apply to the diploma aspect too.  I hope that I will EVENTUALLY be working in something in regards to mental health.   I know careers are long pathways and I’m just trying to get a rough idea of what I want but I also need to consider how much money I’m going to make considering I know I’m pretty much in debt infinitely.

Otherwise, I’m currently getting ready to participate in two different conferences so I’m off to figure out my outfits!  Thank you to everyone who’s reading my blog – I saw the stats today and it’s nice knowing I’m writing to more than just my best friend 🙂


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