Feelin’ like a hoarder

Since the beginning of May I have been living at home and will continue to do so until the last week of June when I leave for camp – it’s been an experience I guess you could say.  When I was moving stuff home I found out are basement had flooded (yet again, my house is built under a natural spring so it happens quite a few times a year) and there was no room for my stuff.  I have since been living like a hoarder out of my room and for someone who’s room is usually a little bit messy this has even been too much for me!  Thankfully, my dad has helped out and moved some stuff in our basement around to have storage space for my stuff but I have come to the realization that I have too much stuff and have decided I’m going to get rid of some of it including (but not limited to):

a) Old Projects – I tend to keep ALL my old papers but I have now decided to keep only ONE paper from each prof that I have in case I have them again.  It’s a good idea to keep those feedbacks so you have a better idea of how the teacher likes papers to be written so that you can continue to improve your grades.

b) Old Notebooks – I have TONS of notes from classes I never plan on taking again and many of the pages have been covered in doodles.  I have kept the books that are foundations for a lot of my classes (example: introductory psychology)  in case I ever need a straight forward explanation of something.

c) Clothes that don’t fit anymore – I HAVE gained weight since leaving for school and having these clothes in my room just depresses me more and therefore I have donated the clothes that don’t fit me for a bit of extra money at a local thrift store.  I have ALSO made the decision to sort them by season in order to ensure that I have a higher chance of getting a profit.  I have no summer clothes currently so I plan on going shopping for some before I leave for camp that will fit me better and make me feel more comfortable with my body.

I’ve also sorted things in my room that are “DORM ONLY” and “DORM AND HOME” this way when it’s time to pack to move again I’m not in a total chaos state.  I have put my extra blank and lined paper, pens, pencils, inks and other school supplies all into a box so that it will be quick and ready to go when the beginning of September comes.

All in all this whole moving home process has been chaos and I hope by the end of the week *fingers crossed* I have everything done!


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