Miss Evie

Photo Creds go to Auntie Winter 🙂

Do you know what this is?  Simply the greatest, most perfect, beautiful thing that has ever graced my life.  She’s barely a week old but I already have learned so much from her…like what Down Syndrome really is like. Did you know over 90% of those who are found to have down syndrome in the womb are aborted?  While I am all for pro choice I don’t believe you should abort a baby just because they have a developmental disability.  There’s no way of telling right now how quickly or how slow Everleigh is going to develop, but I do know this.
The first time she sits on her own will be celebrated just the same as every other baby’s.
The first time she crawls she will have a large amount of family waiting to see the video.
The first time she walks everyone will want to hear the story.
The first word she says will have her mother screaming “She just said ____”.
In case you’ve missed the memo.
She will be loved like any other friggin’ kid out there.

All I see is a future for her…I don’t see her as limited.  I see her as everything I ever imagined in a niece, I see her as my life.  Her momma was no doubt chosen for her, I can’t imagine anyone else .  Amanda has the biggest heart out of anyone I know and I haven’t seen her look at Everleigh any differently since the diagnosis.  She still gets her hugs and kisses overload and her warning about pooping on her momma and the laughs from her farts.  She is just like any other baby to her.

As long as she’s living her baby she’ll be ♥

And I will love my niece no matter what forever and ever and ever.


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