The Adventures of Everleigh!

Well, as of 2:06 AM on April 30th the world has been lucky enough to have the beautiful 5 pounds 11 ounces and 18 centimeters of Everleigh Ashley-Louise Gilbert to love.  She is such a beautiful little baby girl!  She does the weirdest things that just make me laugh like making her pouty faces or licking the air.  She slept so much at first but slowly she’s becoming more and more alert.   Holding her is my new favourite hobby because in those moments you realize how big of an influence every little thing you do is going to have on that girl.      

     She’s got brown hair that likes to stick up and the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen.  She doesn’t have nails – she has claws the kid needs to wear her Pooh bear paw mittens to keep from scratching her face.  She has ticklish feet that make her squirm and when she’s wrapped up in the blanket she looks like a glow worm baby!  She doesn’t fit into her newborn clothes but I think of it as more time to wear all the clothes everyone got to spoil the little princess.  I feel so lucky to be one of the few people who have met this amazing kid!  

   And Amanda is the most AMAZING mom ever.  I never knew so much about child birth until I actually got to be part of yours.  As frustrating as breastfeeding has been you haven’t given up and have always done what’s best for Ev.  It’s so cute watching you hold her because it’s like someone handed you the world.  I lovelovelove spending time with you and her!

 And Winter! You’re so natural holding a baby!  I think you should save me hours upon hours of labour and give Everleigh a cousin 😉 haha I kid!  You’re seriously so precious holding her with your “you can puke on me” and “her bubble wrap farts”.  It’s going to be such an adventure corrupting   influencing this girl!

Overall, this week is going to rock.  I’ve never been so sleep deprived and I’ve never minded much, as tired as I am when you coo it makes up for it all 😉 


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