Things right now are just so surreal.  I’m wrapping up my second year of university currently and it’s gone unbelievably fast.  School this year has been a major roller coaster with ups and downs but I have a feeling I’m finishing this ride on the ‘up’ side.   I love how involved I was this year and take so much pride in the amount of money my council and residence has raised for the charity we decided at the beginning of the year!  We’re planning a backyard BBQ currently with a raffle for some pretty sweet prizes so I’ll be shopping for a lot of that this weekend.  I love being involved – I love making a difference and I love leaving my mark of positivity on the world.

Another surreal thing is my niece will be here in a month. HOLY CRAP.  It feels like yesterday when my best friend texted me informing me she was pregnant and now it’s time for that little bean to come out!  I can’t wait to count those 10 fingers and toes and kiss her from head to toe.  She’s going to be the most beautiful girl, and she has the most amazing mom to raise her.  Gilbie believe me if anyone was made to be a mother it’s you. You’re so prepared for this and I believe E baby is going to turn out to be one of the most delightful little girls anyone has ever met!

It’s also been 7 months with an amazing guy!  We’re constantly growing and developing patience, understanding, love, and trust.  It feels like yesterday we were at  Wonderland but my god it’s so long ago all at the same time.  We see each other so much right now but I know that’s all going to change soon but I’m ready for it and prepared to manage.  I’m so proud of everything he’s accomplished this year and god knows he’s worked his ass off for it (and I don’t credit him enough).  He amazes me with his ability to get shit done and keep me sane all at the same time.  I wouldn’t get to do half the things I get to do without him and everyday I’m thankful for him and everything we have.

I’m starting to pack up my room! It honestly feels like yesterday that I moved into this little jail cell but believe me I am ready to have my old size room back and be in my house again.  I figure I’ll take home the majority of my DVD’s and games along with some odds and ends this weekend when I go home for some study/down time.  It’s going to be so weird when this room becomes so empty.

That’s all I really have to say for now -it’s 2 am and things seem to be most productive at this time for me.


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