Day 24- A letter to your parents

Dear Mom,

Well I’m glad to say we’ve made it past the years of the angst, angry yelling, and door slamming and have finally reached a stage where we can talk to each other.  I think it’s absolutely awesome you text me and I look forward to the phone calls I get from you on pretty much a nightly basis.  You’ve taught me to fight for so many things and have taught me to stood up for myself when I need to and I think it’s pretty safe to say you’ve raised a ‘take no shit’ type of girl.  Sometimes I get really pissed off at you and it’s just because I care, sometimes I feel like I need to be the one taking care of you and making sure everything is going well and I hate to see you in any form of distress.  You make me miss home more than I thought was possible considering the fact that when I was 17 I couldn’t wait for you to be out of my way.  You’re dedication to my bowling the last couple years has made me try harder and your reminder to have fun is what gets me through university some days.  I know that the next little while is going to be a ball of stress and I want you to know that as always I’m here for you.  I don’t care what the outcome is of any of the things we have ahead you’re still my mom and I’m still your baby.

xoxo Amanda.

Dear Dad,

Sometimes I forget we’re 40 years apart when we sit around and joke about strange habits (like mom saying Wal-mark instead of Wal-Mart…what’s up with that), and sometimes I’m reminded of it when you share such great knowledge with me.  I’ve always felt closer to you and it’s probably because I tend to get my way more of the time.  I see how upset you are because you can’t find a job, and how frustrated you get when you get lost driving, and how mad you get when your eye sight disappears for awhile and every time it happens it hits me hard too. You’ve had nothing but a run of bad luck for the past 3 years  but hey- we’re going to Florida finally, maybe our luck is going to change!  You’ve always supported my decisions, from my school, to my living arrangements, to my significant others.  I know you don’t understand why I have “so many holes in my body” but I appreciate you never asking me to take them out.  I think it’s awesome how we still stop at Tim Horton’s together whenever we get the chance and it makes my day when you come home with timbits.  I’m always your little girl, nothing will ever change that.  I love you employed, full of direction, and able to see and I love you when you’re un-employed, lost, and unable to see. You’re going to have things turn around one day I know it – you’ve taught me through all of this money doesn’t buy anything.

Love always,

xoxo Toad.


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