I think we’re all a little shocked to learn the fact that we have lost one of our classmates.  Our school is not big to begin with but furthermore our program is one of the smaller ones.  I’m in no means trying to act like I was best friends with this girl or that I was even friends with her but we all are in a everyone knows everyone type of situation.   You don’t walk by a fellow student without saying a hello and you can always remember where everyone sat in every classroom.  For her it was the front row right hand side (if you’re sitting facing the class) 90% of the time.

We’re all young, none of us are at an age where we should have our lives cut short by accidents, diseases, or in this case a common illness.  None of us should have to leave behind our siblings, our peers, and even worse our parents.  I think it hits all of us with a decent amount of pain because we realize that this can happen to anyone.  We’re all psychology students and some of us have even been taught about death in classes but honestly, nothing can prepare you for losing a peer.

The next couple weeks are going to be tough but everyone needs to just remember some simple things:  be supportive of one another.  There are people who are going to be upset, people who are just going to be want to be left alone, and those who are going to want a hug.  Recognize where you are needed, when you are needed, and otherwise leave people alone to grieve in their own ways.  There’s no need to start rumours about what happened – if you don’t know what has happened simply say “I don’t know” – this beautiful, intelligent girl does not deserve to have her name tainted in anyways.

It’s time we pull together for one another and realize the strengths each and every one of us has.

Rest in Peace.


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