I’m a slacker

So I haven’t updated in a while when shockingly enough I have had enough happen that I should be updating more! I promise to start to write more guys and feel free to poke me when I start slacking.


Let’s start off with some good news:

MY FAMILY WON A TRIP TO FLORIDA!  For many people this is exciting for our family, it is twice as exciting.  We haven’t been anywhere before and we have never been out of the province as a family.  We didn’t even have passports when we won, we just managed to apply for them this week.  A lot of people ask us how we won it and honestly it’s completely random at this restaurant that we went to – your receipt usually prints out a prize like free dessert or five dollars off your next meal but hell we were one of the 1 in 50 families in Canada that managed to win the trip.  We leave August 28th and will be staying at Orlando studios for 3 nights and 4 days.  My mom is beyond ecstatic, my dad is stoked to go back to Florida (my parents went for their honeymoon) and my brother is excited there’s a Margaritaville by our hotel. SADLY I am not 21 when we go to Florida and my glorious age of 19 is considered a minority and must be accompanied by a parent at ALL POINTS OF MY TRIP.  I don’t even care though about that – I’ve started to read the Harry Potter books to prepare for the Wonderful World of Harry Potter.

In other good news…

My best friend is due in May!  We were suppose to find out the sex of the baby today but the kid’s knee was in the way so we’ll be finding this out on the 14th of March.  I’m pretty stoked to find out if I get a niece or nephew and I have bought a frame to put one of the 3D ultrasounds in that says something about Aunts.  I am STOKED to spoil the hell out of this child, and I’m going to smother it with so many kisses once it is finally here!

And some more good news…

Me and the boy have been together 6 months this week!  Okay, surely it’s not THAT big of a deal, but I’m amazed at how it’s felt like such a shorter amount of time -it seems like just yesterday he was shoving me under a mushroom waterfall at a water park or that we went out to see The Switch together (PS slightly awkward movie for a first date everyone).  He’s absolutely amazing and supportive and I love how involved he’s become in my life and we’re constantly growing and learning from each other.

NOW for the bad news in my life recently:
My job at my school is a year long contract and comes up at the end of April and a mandatory date for the 2011-2012 school year is August 28th – September 1st  which as previously has been stated will be the time that I am in Florida.  I went and talked to my boss about the trip I had won and she told me that unfortunately I can’t have my job back and told me one day I’d see it as these things happen.  I’ve been disappointed on the job front recently – I’ve applied for multiple summer camps and none of them contacted me back.  Usually I wouldn’t be so disappointed except for the fact that the grocery store I have worked at for the last 2 (almost 3 years) has closed.  I’ve pretty much transfered to my old managers store as it’s a 10 minute drive from my trailer but I’m going to be applying for full time jobs in my town as well.

More kinda bad news:
I’m not having a great time at school recently.  I broke my toe about a week  ago and when me and my friend drove up to the school we noticed 4 cop cars and 2 detectives outside of our residence.  This isn’t a first time occurrence, it’s actually gotten so bad that we’ve all received e-mail notices about an increased amount of robberies to the point we’re discouraged to walk to the mall (10 minutes away from our school) and are advised to take a cab.  I don’t pay 6000 dollars a year in tuition and about the same in residents to feel like I’m a prisoner and if I wasn’t half way done my degree there would not be a second thought about me switching.  Needless to say when it comes time for me to do post grad schools I won’t be looking anywhere near Toronto and will be trying my best to get the hell away from the city.

That about wraps up what is new in my life and what I have failed at updating you all on.  I’m actually finishing up midterms this week and then at the end of the week headed to Ottawa for bowling provincials (which I have mixed emotions about – I’m sure I’ll explain this more later).  I’ve spent the last week on reading week so I’ve been at home and it’s been SUCH a nice change, I’ve ACTUALLY relaxed and had an overload of tea and sleep and wasting my time on ipod apps.  Tomorrow I’ll be headed back to the city so the rest of today will be spent doing homework and listening to music for the most part.

I’m dying for May to get here so I can finally be back home, be an aunt, and have hopefully a minimally stressful summer.


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