Day 1: A recent picture of you and 15 facts

Fact #1: My name is Amanda and my mother has threatened to kill people for calling me Mandy.
Fact #2: I’m a psychology student with an emphasis in human services who has no idea what she’s doing with her life.
Fact #3: I  LOVE watching documentaries and learning so much about the world. I want everyone in the world to watch Dear Zachary.
Fact #4: I get addicted to watching TV shows on DVD.  I finished Modern Family in 3 days and I’m currently on a Gilmore Girls spree.
Fact #5:  I own crayons, markers, and colouring books.
Fact #6: My biggest obsession is Toy Story and my AMAZING boyfriend got me the deluxe box set for Christmas.
Fact #7:  I absolutely LOVE musicals! I just saw Wicked in November and it was absolutely AMAZING!
Fact #8: I love the smell of coffee but hate the taste of it, I’m totally a tea girl.
Fact #9:  Favourite food: MASHED potatoes.  Followed closely by pizza and pasta (I’d love to be adopted by an Italian Family).
Fact #10: In 2011 I want to visit the Zoo, the science center, and the beach.
Fact #11: I almost NEVER wear make up, I rub my eyes way too many times in a day to wear it; I’d just smudge it all the time.
Fact #12: I’m OBSESSED with getting  piercings, I don’t know if it’s because I like the way they look or because the two piercers I know are attractive (hey at least I’m honest)
Fact #13:  I’d LOVE to work at a summer camp this summer.
Fact #14:  My favourite thing to do is lay in bed with my boyfriend cuddling up and watching movies to destress from the crazy weeks we have.
Fact #15: I’m a 5 pin bowler =)


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