Jack’s Mannequin

Lately it seems that I’ve been on this obsession with Jack’s Mannequin. Honestly, I don’t know how anyone could dislike this band mainly because every time I listen to their music I know it hits my heart like no tomorrow. One night amongst the studying I decided to put on Dear Jack, the documentary of Andrew Mcmahon’s struggle with cancer and when he played his 100 day concert (after his transplant) my heart was overflowing and I began to cry. I don’t think I had ever been happy for a celebrity in my life. Andrew’s not necessarily a celebrity I guess as many people probably couldn’t pick him out of a crowd but I’m sure EVERYONE has heard one of his songs at some point (what girl hasn’t rocked out to Punk Rock Princess by Something Corporate in their room alone before?).

And everyone may call this a phase and perhaps it is but when things hate me hard they REALLY hit me.  I listen to Swim and I can’t help but flashback to the documentary and all of Andrew’s struggles and feel inspired to conquer every minor problem I have from passing exams to finding a new job.  Every time I listen to him sing about Kelly my heart fills up imagining how she realized how important it was for her to be with him through his hard times (Even though they weren’t together at the time…if you want to figure out more about that watch the documentary).

Anyways I’m done gushing and making myself sound like I’m stoned out of my mind writing (I’m actually not, I’m in fact sitting in my living room sipping tea while watching youtube videos).



One thought on “Jack’s Mannequin

  1. Wifey, this post = my love of JM you have no idea how much i adore Andrew. More than life itself. He amazes me but anyways. loving all your posts ❤

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