Home Sweet Home <3

I’m finally home for my Christmas break, which I’ve just been DYING for.  It sucked to come home to see my Durden dead but my mood was quickly improved by an afternoon out with the best friend after a long bubble bath.  We went to the Native where I got my rook changed and then headed over to Mochaberry for some DELICIOUS drinks and Christmas treats.  I love being home and being able to do these things because it reminds me of how much freedom I have in a small town.  Everything is within a walking distance of each other, you don’t need a bus to go downtown, and most of your friends have the freedom to drive wherever need be.  Tonight I’ll be going to Christmas in the park with my friend Emma.  Sure it’s a lame event in my town but it’s an event none the less and a chance to go out.   We’re not really sure what we’ll do afterwards but that’s the joy of Christmas break – the free time seems endless.


Well my mom made me a special ‘welcome home’ dinner of shephard’s pie so I’m going to head on over to the dinner table.  I miss having real food cooked for me. I never realized how spoiled I was until I moved away for school.


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