Last night as I was making study notes for my exam this Thursday I decided to log onto facebook and just see what was up.  On my bosses profile page I read that she was going to be unemployed as of February 5th 2011.  I asked my friend if he knew what her status meant and he explained to me that Price Chopper was shutting down and that our store wasn’t being converted leaving me and many others out of a job.


While part of me is upset for myself losing my job I think of so many fabulous people that I work with.  There’s Lisa who had a struggle with cancer and just got back to work.  She has two young daughters to take care of.  There’s Linda who’s currently on maternity leave who won’t have a job to come back to next September.  There’s Mark who’s done nothing but be a produce manager his whole life, Jon who’s been desperately looking for a new job and can’t find anything, and of course my boss who has 6 kids and a step-grandchild.  As much as people can find my boss aggravating she can be the most inspirational person.  She always seems to have someone else living in her house besides her immediate family be it a sister or niece.

I’m just a student.  While losing my job is a big huge loss for me I still have START where I can pick up some extra hours this school year.  I’m only 19 years old it’s easier for me to find a job then it is a lot of the older members at Price Chopper.  I look at my dad who is 59 and fully capable of working a full time job with manual labour but because of his gray hair and wrinkles people immediately think he is too big of a risk.  For two years he has sat without a job and I just hope with everything I have no one at Price Chopper has to go through that.

And as miserable as the job has made me I have  had a lot of good moments there and have met a lot of amazing people.  For every crappy customer there is a better one and for every staff member that pisses me off there has been a friendship formed with another that isn’t going anywhere.

I guess at X-Mas it will really be peace out PC.

This time for good 😦


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