Dear Grandpa

I probably won’t get a chance to get on here the 6th to write an entry so I figured I’d do it now.

Dear Grandpa,

I don’t even know how to begin this so I think stating the obvious is a good start: it’s been two years since you left us.  When I think back to the ideal human being and who I’d like to be like in life the first thought goes to you.   Growing up you are in more memories then many other people.  After school everyday you would baby sit us so our parents didn’t have to worry about day care.  You’d make fun of me for watching Arthur, but always before we checked the stock markets.  I learned green is good and red is bad from about the age 8 on.  You called Arthur an ankle biter and a yard ape…you called me and Jeff that a lot too actually.

You did a lot for the both of us.  There were days where walking home from school in the cold took half an hour and we would be pleasantly surprised to find you did the paper route for us so we wouldn’t get cold.  When we were littler you used to take us down to Rotary Park so we could skate after school.   I remember when I was 6 I got you hooked on Frost-e’s from Mac’s Milk.  If it was a really hot day in the summer we’d stop in and get two small coke ones.  When Mom had to work late and Dad worked in the city you always brought us down to the apartment for dinner and always made sure that we had crusty bread with dinner because you knew how much we loved it.  I remember you helped me with my spelling and I learned the i before e word off of you.  You were always so proud of us for doing so well in school, I wish I got the chance to tell you about how I was going to go to University.  I hope it would of brought the biggest smile on your face to know I had grown up to be everything you hoped for.

It really upsets me that I lost you so close to Christmas.  I remember so many amazing Christmas gifts you got me and I remember every Christmas morning where you and Grandma and Uncle Reg would come up to the house for brunch.  One year for Christmas there wasn’t a toy that didn’t have the Barbie logo on it.  As we grew up our gifts didn’t get worse – Jeff and I got our playstation one off of you.  If I asked for it I was guaranteed to get it.  You always tried to make sure there was a smile on everyone’s face.

Everyone isn’t limited to our family.  I think it’s safe to say my Grandpa was one of the best neighbours you could ever have.  He lived in an apartment complex but treated the whole property like it was his home.  He took over the flowerbeds in the summer to ensure they were beautiful, he painted the fences so that they remained looking good, and as Brandon has reminded me he would cut his grass with grass scissors to ensure it was a good height.  Even into his 80’s he made sure pathways were shoveled and walkways were salted so nobody would get injured.  If you needed money, someone to talk to, or a ride my Grandpa was there for you asking nothing in return.

The thing that brings the biggest smile to my face when I think of my Grandpa is the love he had for my Grandma.   The two years she spent in the Avalon my Grandpa was there every other day at the very least.  Despite how hot it was my Grandpa left his air-conditioned apartment when she was in Shelburne hospital everyday to go and see her.   Over 60 years they were together and we never got a chance to properly celebrate it.  I think everyone in the world deserves a love like my grandparents had.

Grandpa I miss you.  I miss your laugh and sometimes if I try to think of it I can hear it.  I miss how tall you were and how your hugs were perfectly tight even for an old man.  I miss your voice and your caring personality.  I’m sorry I never got to say goodbye or I wasn’t around as much as I should of been but please know I love you more then words can ever describe.  I know I’m not the only to think this – everyone who’s life you touched feels the same way.

If there’s some sort of afterlife I hope your with Grandma. If anyone deserves it it’s you. ♥

Love Always,

Amanda Louise.


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