Ten things I didn’t expect this year.

  1. Losing one of my best friends over a stupid fight. I don’t think I realize how painful it is sometimes to not have you to constantly share news with.
  2. Finding a boy that makes me happy.  I didn’t plan on having a boyfriend this year but I’m happy it happened.
  3. Becoming close to people outside and inside my program.  I finally feel like part of my school.
  4. To gain ten pounds.  I don’t feel comfortable in any of my clothes anymore and I’m beyond embarrassed of my body.
  5. Dying my hair purple.  It makes me feel amazing though.
  6. To be over $20 000 dollars in debt.  The price I pay for education is ridiculous.
  7. To be struggling in all my classes.  I’m embarrassed I don’t get things and even more embarrassed I can’t do simple math in statistics.
  8. To start disliking bowling.  I go and feel like a complete and total social outcast and it is the most uncomfortable thing of my life.
  9. To lose my emotional side. I feel like hiding a lot of the things I feel and it’s weird to me.  When we do practice counseling sessions for class I feel awkward talking about my honest feelings about the stupidest things (ie school).
  10. To try and feel like I’m not succeeding.  I feel like I’m letting so many down.

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