Music <3

Some nights I put on songs that inspire me and sing really loudly and convince myself that the lyrics are true.  I don’t know why music has such a powerful effect on me but it can take me from feeling like total crap to feeling better.  Tonight has just been one of those nights.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned
It’s that we never feel the heat until we get burned.
Sometimes we try so hard not die sometimes we forget
To appreciate life” –Appreciation and the Bomb (The Spill Canvas).

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one” -Imagine (John Lennon)

“So if your mad get mad
Don’t hold it all inside
come on and talk to me now.
Hey, why you got to hide?
I get angry to
but I’m a lot like you” – I’ll Stand by You (Glee Cast Version).

“Believe the tunnel can end
believe your body can mend
Yeah I know you can make it through
’cause I believe in you.
So let’s go put up a fight
let’s go make everything alright.
Go and take a shot
go give it all you got.” -Go (Boys Like Girls).

“But it don’t really matter
when life gets that much harder
it makes you that much stronger.
Some pages turned
some bridges burned
but there were lessons learned.”-Lessons Learned (Carrie Underwood).

“You need not to climb mountain tops
You need not to cross the sea
You need not to find a cure
for everything that makes you weak
You need not to reach for the stars
when life becomes so dark
And when the wind does blow against the grain
You must follow your heart”-Against the grain (City and Colour).



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