Thanksgiving Weekend

I remember when I was in highschool and Thanksgiving weekend usually entailed me going to the trailer and enjoying the weekend there closing up followed by a dinner at my grandparents, now that I’ve reached university it plays out a little differently.  This year for example I ended up spending the weekend at school until yesterday afternoon because I had to bowl that morning and my mom was unable to come and pick me up until 3.  When my mom showed up to finally get me I was actually stoked to go home for the weekend, it’s not like there was a particular reason I just enjoy little things at home a lot more now that I’m gone (ie a  microwave and fridge a 10 step walk away from me at all times).

When I first arrived in town I went out for coffee with my friend Gabby.  It’s been awhile since we’ve seen each other (especially when it’s not at a party) and to say the least I was SO happy to see her.  We went to second cup where we both got drinks and cake and sat and talked for about an hour and made plans to visit each other in Toronto.  Sometimes I get so focused on being on campus that I forget that there is a huge city out there I can adventure into at any time.   After I dropped her off I ended up going out to Wal-Mart with my mom where she bought me two new Wii games (Mario Kart and another Cooking Mama game) and I helped her pick out a vest.  After that my night was consumed by studying a bit, playing wii, and facing off against my boyfriend in scrabble.

And a random side note: I don’t know why I’m so good at scrabble it’s honestly bizarre.  I ended up getting 68 points off the word sending last night due to double letter scores and the fact I used all my letters for a 50 point bonus.  It’s not even that I have a wide vocabulary I don’t think, I think it’s more of me lucking out a lot of the time.  I also tend to get those small two letter words for big points (and just a tip for all of you non scrabble nerds out there – if your ever playing and stuck with a Q without a U QI is actually a word).

Anyways, I ended up in bed about 2 am last night when both me and the boy declared that we were too tired to play anymore.  I ended up sleeping in until almost 11, which never happens in rez. Oh and as an added bonus I slept all through the night which is something I haven’t been able to do at all in residence…ever.  I woke up to my mom picking a fight with me about how my room should be cleaned and then me being grouchy for the rest of the morning because of it.  My dad ended up going to Tim Horton’s and getting me a tea which just made my mood 10 times better.  After that I showered, got dressed for my grandparents and grabbed my books so that I could study there.

But I didn’t get to study due to the fact that everyone around me was talking about dogs.  The dog whisperer, dog training classes, dog agility competitions and my personal favourite dog agility dance competitions.  It really ticked me off when my cousin whipped out a sweater to put on her dog in the already warm room.  It’s a dog not a doll – it’s completely unnecessary to dress it up especially when it’s an australian shephard and already has decently thick fur.   As if it couldn’t get any stupider my cousin then informs us that when her dog ends up in agility dance competitions (where you teach your dog a dance routine to do with you apparently) she’s going to make t-shirts for us to wear in the audience.  How exciting…not.

I think the next part that really irked me was the fact my aunt had to raise a big deal about my grandpa’s birthday.  My aunt wanted to throw him a party because he’s turning a monumental age this year. Yes, it’s awesome he’s turning 80 and yes we should definitely celebrate but it’s not like anyone has money to throw around on top of which my brother has a job where he works weird hours and I go to university out of town.  My mom picked up a really nice cake for my grandpa at a local bakery for dessert tonight and when everyone sang my grandpa happy birthday my aunt sat there silently and then made the comment “it isn’t even his birthday yet”.  I don’t know why it hit me as completely and utterly unnecessary, but it may have something to do with the fact that people have put me into the birthday blues lately (more on this later I promise).  After dessert was done my aunt quickly left and barely spoke a word to anyone as she was leaving.  We left after my mom helped my grandma with her dishes.  Oh and by the way dinner was FANTASTIC I forgot how much I miss mashed potatoes and gravy at my grandma’s!

And now it’s time for me to have a cram session so I guess I should just wrap this up (that’s what he said har har har).  I hope anyone who had their thanksgiving dinner today had an awesome one  :).


Things I’m thankful for this thanksgiving:

  • An amazing but whacked out family
  • Awesomely supportive friends
  • My fish
  • A super fun, caring, and trusting boyfriend
  • A roof over my head
  • Food on my table
  • A job for my university
  • A position on rez council
  • A (mostly!) healthy body
  • An education
  • All my 5 senses
  • Technology (this is almost embarrassing to write)

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