Hello World!

I think  it’s about time I started writing some things other then what I put into my live journal.  Sure it’s been great for 3 years but sometimes the past is more painful then enjoyable.  I have to look at the times friendships were ruined, the times I was stabbed in the back, and the time my heart was broken.  Perhaps this new start will actually be shared with people as oppose to keeping it a secret.

Now I guess about me.  Well if you found this more then likely you know I’m Amanda.  I don’t consider me to be an overly amazing person, or an overly unique person either so I guess you could say I’m pretty average.  I’m 18 years old but I’ll be turning 19 on the 25th of November.  My favourite colour is purple with lime green being in a close second and my favourite number is 450 – the perfect score in five pin bowling. I have two betta fish named Koopa (Red) and Durden (Purple) which actually make me stupidly happy.  I have a collection of build a bears and I also have an obsession with all things Glee. I’m originally from a small town but moved to a big city when I got accepted into the school I wanted to go to.

So it’s pretty clear that I’m still in school, but to be more specific I’m in university! I’m in my second year and I’m majoring in psychology with an emphasis in human services.  I have no idea what I want to do when I’m older but I can guarantee you it has to do with helping people.  I always thought I wanted to be a teacher but the older I get and the more unrealistic this dream is the more and more I let it go.  I live in residence in a single room on an all girls floor (not by choice on the second half) and am decently involved in my school.   Not only do I volunteer my time in residence but I also work for my school.  Through my job I have met the most AMAZING people who mean more to me then some people I’ve known forever.

My favourite things include bowling, curling, music, movies, tv shows and curling.  I competitively bowl 5 pin and I curled for my school in high school.  My favourite band varies each day but I always am a sucker for a song done on an acoustic guitar.  As far as movies go I can’t get enough of musicals (Yes I’m dorky) and comedies (specifically romantic comedies).  When it comes to TV I am OBSESSED with Glee, Dead Like Me, How I met your mother, Weeds, and Six Feet Under.  I’m just starting to get into Gilmore Girls now.

I guess that is it for now for an about me.  Hopefully I end up on here a lot more then my livejournal, I’m actually interested to see where this will be going in the future.


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